John Cale / Fragments Of A Rainy Season

A1. On A Wedding Anniversary
A2. Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed
A3. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
A4. Cordoba
A5. Buffalo Ballet
B1. A Child's Christmas In Wales
B2. Darling I Need You
B3. Guts
B4. Ship Of Fools
B5. Leaving It Up To You
C1. The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
C2. Chinese Envoy
C3. Dying On The Wine
C4. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend)
C5. Heartbreak Hotel
D1. Style It Takes
D2. Paris 1919
D3. (I Keep A) Close Watch
D4. Thoughtless Kind
D5. Hallelujah
E1. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend) - Outtake
E2. Amsterdam - Outtake
E3. Broken Hearts - Outtake
E4. I'm Waiting For The Man - Outtake
F1. Heartbreak Hotel - Outtake (Strings)
F2. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend) - Outtake (Strings)
F3. Paris 1919 - Outtake (Strings)
F4. Antarctica Starts Here - Outtake (Strings)

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