Church, The / Hindsight 1980-1987


A1. The Unguarded Moment
A2. In A Heartbeat
A3. Too Fast For You
A4. Tear It All Away
A5. Sisters
A6. Is This Where You Live
B1. Almost With You
B2. Fraulein
B3. You’ve Got To Go
B4. The Golden Dawn
B5. Life Speeds Up
B6. When You Were Mine
C1. Electric Lash
C2. The Night Is Very Soft
C3. Autumn Soon
C4. It’s No Reason
C5. Someone Special
C6. A Month Of Sundays
D1. Shadow Cabinet
D2. As You Will
D3. Myrrh
D4. The View
D5. Trance Ending
D6. Tantalized

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