This Mortal Coil / Filigree & Shadow

A1. Velvet Belly
A2. The Jeweller
A3. Ivy And Neet
A4. Meniscus
A5. Tears
A6. Tarantula
B1. My Father
B2. Come Here My Love
B3. At First, And Then
B4. Strength Of Strings
B5. Morning Glory
C1. Inch-Blue
C2. I Want To Live
C3. Mama K(1)
C4. Filigree & Shadow
C5. Firebrothers
C6. Tha?s(1)
C7. I Must Have Been Blind
C8. A Heart Of Glass
D1. Alone
D2. Mama K(2)
D3. The Horizon Bleeds And Sucks Its Thumb
D4. Drugs
D5. Red Rain
D6. Tha?s(2)

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